Games And Their Market

With the advancement in internet technologies and handheld devices being rampant, the game industry has undergone a rapid change. Today, games are played more on mobile phones and tablets than on PC and laptops. Sensor technology in these hi-tech devices has resulted in a gaming experience that people can enjoy. Let us have a look […]

Gambling: Good And Bad

Gambling is a fun game, a tipsy curvy hope to end the menial struggles of day to day life. Gambling is hope for an instant turning point an instant win. Some quick fix! It’s a shortcut! Nevertheless, is it good or bad? Well, Life is a gamble by itself. But gambling with life is not […]

Gambling, Is It The Only Revenue?

People are going slaves to the game. Do we have to make a livelihood from our weakness? Does the country have to get the tax revenues out of the weakness of some gamblers and fortune of the casinos? Is the country actually growing? Well, if the answer is yes, my readers want gambling to be […]